Seeking guest writers in different countries for Green & Eco-friendly


As you may know, I have launched my blog. The blog is mainly for green energy, renewable power, alternative energy, solar energy, wind power, bioenergy, hydropower, electric car, hybrid electric vehicle, geothermal power, eco-friendly business, sustainable development...

Now the contents on my blog are mainly focused on green & eco-friendly in China. But I hope my website and blog will be a leading source for green & eco-friendly in the world. So I am seeking for some guest writers in different countries. As guest writers of the blog, you can post some articles on the blog on green & eco-friendly, especially in their own countries.

If you are free and interested in those topics, hope you can join us and do something for green & eco-friendly. I will place your picture and introduction on the blog of web page - about if you don't mind. And there's no salary for this. But I hope you can support this.

We can make difference to make our world more green!

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